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The development of power circuit breaker

As one of the most important products in low-voltage electrical appliances, power circuit breakers have been favored by many people. From the introduction of new products, can be described as highly competitive. Framework circuit breaker (ACB) a new generation of frame circuit breaker not only its overall performance and major technical indicators have a more substantial increase, and increased technical performance more prominent practicality. Large current overall structure of a new generation of large-size frame circuit breaker a mainstream development.
Next-generation frame circuit breakers not only further reduce the size of each product specifications, and the entire series of specifications are also reduced. New generation of frame circuit breaker contact arc extinguishing system mostly single breakpoint structure. Many of the new generation of frame circuit breakers feature modular designs for both internal and external accessories to facilitate standardized assembly and assembly, as well as ease of access, replacement and maintenance. The new generation of frame circuit breaker electronic controller has a powerful function. All next-generation products are equipped with a communication interface that allows internal busses to be used internally with the new generation of frame circuit breakers in major industrial field bus systems.

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