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Low-voltage electrical conductor selection

1. The type of conductor should be selected according to laying methods and environmental conditions. Insulated conductors in addition to meet the above conditions, it should meet the requirements of the operating voltage.
2. Select the conductor cross-section, should meet the following requirements:
1) Line voltage loss should meet the normal operation of electrical equipment and start-end voltage requirements
2) According to the laying method and environmental conditions to determine the conductor current, should not be less than the calculated current
3) Conductor should meet the requirements of dynamic stability and thermal stability
4) The minimum conductor cross-section should meet the requirements of mechanical strength, the minimum core wire cross-section laying conductor should meet the requirements of Table 2.2.2.
3. When laying insulated conductors and cables along paths of different cooling conditions, when the length of the worst-case cooling condition exceeds 5 m, the section of insulated conductors and cables shall be selected according to the conditions of this section or only the insulated conductors of large sections shall be used for this section And cable.

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