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Low-voltage electrical selection principle

Low-voltage electrical appliances Select different types of circuit breakers with short-circuit breaking capacity to suit different circuits. The expected short-circuit current (when I is in the same situation) requires circuit breaker selection principle: circuit breaker short circuit breaking capacity ≥ line expected short circuit current.
Different load low-voltage electrical appliances should use different types of circuit breakers
Low-voltage electrical load the most common distribution lines, motors and household and similar home (lighting, household appliances, etc.) three categories. Most of the DW15 series, DW17 (ME) series, AH series and DW40, DW45 series in the universal type (also known as frame type) circuit breaker are type B and most of the type DZ5, DZ15, DZ20, TO, TG, CM1, TM30 and HSM1 and other series and universal DW15.DW17 some specifications because only overload long delay, short circuit transient protection of two, they are non-selective type A circuit breaker. Selective protection.

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