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Low-voltage electrical equipment selection

Low-voltage power distribution design of the selected electrical appliances, should be consistent with existing national standards, and should meet the following requirements.
1) The rated voltage of the electric appliance should be adapted to the nominal voltage of the circuit in which it is located
2) The rated current of electrical appliances should not be less than the calculated current of the circuit
3) The rated frequency of the appliance should be adapted to the frequency of the circuit in which it is located
4) Electrical appliances should be adapted to the environmental conditions of the place
5) Electrical appliances should meet the requirements of dynamic stability and thermal stability under short circuit conditions. Used to open the short-circuit current electrical appliances, should meet the short-circuit conditions on-off capability.
2. Check electrical continuity under short circuit conditions, the installation should be used to predict the effective value of the short-circuit current component, when the short-circuit point connected to the motor rated current exceeds 1% of the short-circuit current should be included in the motor feedback Effect of current.

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