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Low-voltage electrical effect

Low-voltage electrical appliances can automatically or manually change the status and parameters of the circuit according to the operation signal or the signal of external field, so as to control, protect, measure, instruct and adjust the circuit or the controlled object.
The role of low-voltage electrical appliances are:
Control functions, such as the elevator up and down movement, fast and slow automatic switching and automatic layering.
Regulating effect, low-voltage electrical appliances can be some of the power and non-power to adjust to meet user requirements, such as the adjustment of diesel throttle, room temperature and humidity control, automatic adjustment of illumination.
Protection, according to the characteristics of the equipment, the equipment, the environment and the implementation of personal protection, such as motor overheating protection, power grid short circuit protection, leakage protection.
Indicate the role of the use of low-voltage electrical control, protection and other functions, test equipment operating conditions and electrical circuit work, such as insulation monitoring, protection of the card out of order.

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