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Low voltage electrical definition

Work in 50Hz or 60Hz, rated voltage 1200V and below, or DC voltage 15O0V and below the circuit in the circuit is called low-voltage electrical appliances.
basic structure
Low-voltage electrical appliances generally have two basic parts: one is the sensing part, which senses the outside world signal to make a regular response, in the self-controlled electrical appliances, the sensing part mostly composed of electromagnetic bodies in the controlled electrical appliances, flu Test part is usually the operating handle, etc .; the other is the implementation of the part, such as the contact is based on the instruction to turn on or off the circuit.
Equipment Introduction
Control of electrical appliances according to the level of their working voltage to AC 1200V, DC 1500V for the community, can be divided into high-voltage control and low-voltage control appliances two categories. AC 1200V and below, DC 1500V and below are called low-voltage electrical appliances.
The development of low-voltage electrical appliances, depends on the development of national economy and modern industrial automation needs, as well as new technologies, new processes, new materials research and application. Currently moving in the direction of high performance, high reliability, miniaturization, digital modeling, modularity, combination and parts universal.

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