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       Huanyu Group Zhejiang High Tech Co., Ltd is one of subsidiaries of Huanyu Group,and is a focus on low-voltage electrical components production and high-tech system solutions enterprises. Company for the electrical system to provide "one-stop" service, the country has more than 20 integrated service centers, more than 30 marketing offices, more than 600 terminal image franchise stores, more than 800 sales outlets, sold overseas more than 70 countries and the areas.
      "HUYU" trademark is a well-known trademark in China. The company has been rated as a number of Chinese brand-name products, national customer satisfaction products, brand-name products in Zhejiang. Enterprises have won the national "Shou contract re-credit" enterprises, the national customer satisfaction enterprises, the national high-tech enterprises, well-known firms of Zhejiang Province, green enterprises in Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province big taxpayer and so on.

       Huanyu Electric actively implement the "going out" strategy, in more than 50 countries and regions registered trademark, passed the KEMA (Netherlands), VDE (Germany), UL (USA), CE (EU), TuV (Germany), FI (France), CB system and so on more than ten international certification.Exports to southeast Asia, the European Union, the Middle East, North America, Russia and other countries and regions.South Korea's hyundai, the U.S. general motors, and the Georgia hydropower station are all our customers.

       The future,Huanyu Electric will continue to "build China's industrial electrical first-class science and technology enterprises" for the development goals, and strive to become a management science, technology leadership, first-class modern electrical leading enterprises.

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